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14 Apr 08 Get the Facts about Crack

“Crack”, which is very popular in the United States, is a mixture of cocaine, sodium bicarbonate, and ammonia. Since selling cocaine is outlawed, the term “trafficking” is coined because it refers to all activities from coca leaf cultivation to the consumption of crack. In fact, there are a numbers of middlemen involved before cocaine reaches its consumers.

Since there is a high demand for this addictive substance,  cocaine sold in the streets is already a mixture of the pure cocaine substance (cocaine hydrochloride) and various adulterants added to increase the quantity, typically for the seller’s profit.

Common adulterants include various sugars (lactose, inositol, and mannitol) and local anesthetics such as lidocaine. In this way, Drug Rehab is growing up.

This is one explanation for the skyrocketing amount of value added to the final product, but the key factor is really the illegal nature of the whole trade. Drug trafficking enterprises has the same mechanism as other modern businesses. The difference thrives on the product itself because what they’re selling is considered illegal. Drugs are considered a serious problem because there is a developed market for them in all parts of the world.