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17 Mar 08 About IOBB

IOBB members who return membership forms (2007) and/or who have paid membership fees, will receive full user permissions to write, comment and upload images. IOBB Members who dont have write permission yet should send request to our email.

IOBB welcomes all types of activities that are related to biotechnology and bioengineering. Any member can plan, organise and conduct an activity on behalf of IOBB. A declaration of intent should first be sent to the chairman for approval by the Executive Committee. If needed, one or more members will be selected to cooperate with the organizer. Activities should be announced via the IOBB News and Announcement mailing list and other appropriate media if needed.


Composition of Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman [=Chairman-Elect] and at least seven (7) further members selected on geographical distribution. The Executive Committee shall appoint at its first meeting after election a Secretary and a Treasurer from within its members. The term of office shall coincide with the period between the International Biotechnology Symposia. Members of the Executive shall be eligible for re-election.
The Executive shall be elected by postal ballot and/or nomination at the general meeting during the International Biotechnology Symposium. For this purpose, the Secretary shall circulate at least 6 months prior to the meeting a postal ballot paper to all full members of IOBB. In order to be effective, the ballot paper must reach the Secretary at least 1 month prior to the general meeting. The new Executive Committee shall be announced at its General Meeting. The Executive Committee can accept Ex-officio members by special invitation through consensus.

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board shall consist of no more than eight (8) persons elected by IOBB members to act in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee. One of the main functions of the Advisory Board should be the establishment of closer relationships between research institutes and to form closer links with biotechnology industries.

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