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01 Jul 11 Cold Fusion – LENR Rossi E-Cat

andrearossi-e-catE-Cat is the name of the new LENR cold fusion reactor invented by Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi.
They gave the 1st World public demonstration on January 14, 2011 in Bologna. The cold fusion reaction uses nickel and hydrogen and it produces up to 13kw of thermal energy.

The reactor which is called E-Cat or “E-Catalyzer” (which stands for “Energy catalyzer) will be produced in hundreds of thousands starting from January 2012 by Defkalion Green Technlogies in Greece.Andrea Rossi has reached also an agreement with a USA company called AmpEnergo, which will get royalties on sales of licenses and products built in the USA. More news about this breakthrough science discovery will be pulished here very soon (see ).

Latest News – September 2011

The new E-cat 1MW plant will be officially presented in the USA before the end of October. Ny Teknik , the Swedish technology magazine has posted some pictures of it and also performed a short test live. More information about the Rossi’s cold fusion reactor will be pulished online very soon.

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