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07 Aug 12 – Biotechnology & Bioengineering

International Organisation for Biotechnology and Bioengineering IOBB.


It organizes activities to encourage exchange of experiences and encourages partnerships between IOBB members and other organizations to develop and implement projects. IOBB is not a funding agency.

The objective of IOBB is to foster the advancement and exploitation of biotechnology and bioengineering for the benefit of mankind through:

– enhancing interactions between laboratories, institutes, commercial enterprises and individuals working in the area of plant, mammalian and microbial cell cultivation and processing throughout the world and especially in the developing countries;

– fostering the development in the use of biological materials for industrial purposes and the preservation of the ecological environment;

– fostering training courses, fellowships and cooperative research programmes amongst its members, in particular between members from the developed and developing countries;

– arranging meetings, symposia, and seminars to ensure the dissemination of new or pertinent knowledge in the above fields;

– organising international training programmes for scientists, technologists and engineers of all nations interested in the application of biological materials for commercial use and the preservation of our environment;

– close cooperation with UNESCO, MIRCENs, WFCC, UNEP, UNIDO, UNU, COBIOTECH and other international and national organisations in the above field;

– maintaining Committees as may be appropriate for international cooperation and agreement

– development of a network of news, communication, and

– maintaining a regular Newsletter with contributions from the Executive, Committees and Members.


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