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23 Oct 15 IOBBNET – Whatsapp Group

To encourage activities and exchange of experiences  between IOBB and its members and other organizations, IOBBNET is creating a new whatsapp group finalized to increase mobile connectivity and communication.

This new IOBBNET Whatsapp group will promote the interactions between mobile users working in laboratories, institutes, commercial enterprises and individuals. Through the whatsapp group it will be possible to organize private or public events, courses, fellowships and cooperative research programmes amongst its members of all nations interested in the application of biological materials for commercial use and the preservation of our environment.

To join the IOBBNET Whatsapp group send a request to the follow e-mail addressWhatsappgroup [@] Iobbnet . org (remove empty space) – with your name, email address, company and mobile phone number.  If your profile is accepted you will receive a further email with the mobile phone number and all the details to join the our Whatsapp group.

Whatsapp is a free and open cross-platform messaging app which enable you to chat and interact without having to pay for SMS.  If don’t have a smartphone or a mobile phone compatible with iOS or Android (e.g. iPhone or Samsung) please read this tutorial or download whatsapp for Windows or Mac.

For any other query about joining or canceling your subscription from our group please write to Whatsappgroup [@] Iobbnet . org .

Thank you.

21 Jun 13 New Technologies for Cars starting from 2014

Based on recent discoveries, nanotechnologies will have an important impact in the 2014 car and automotive industry.
Products include not only special coating for windshield (for safety increasing) but also exterior parts like rims, chrome surfaces and protection for car body.

Cars of 2014 could also offer, a safer driving thanks to a new tyre concept (created by Yokohama) which use an innovative compound to help grip the road.
But the most promising research, which is expected to hit the automotive market in 2014, could use nanotechnology towards cheaper fuel cells for electric cars.
Indeed electric cars are the future, and companies like Chrysler, Lexus , Peugeot , Toyota and Renault in 2014 could start using this technologies to improve efficiency and fuel consumption.



27 May 11 How biotechnology works in our daily lives?

An interesting video offering a simple but effective overview of how biotechnology works and how it affects our daily live

10 Oct 07 The Almighty Cleanse & Super Cleanse

This is one of the cleansing kits available in the market and is sold by ITV. It is a two-part detoxifying system. It usually requires about seven days of cleansing per season. The natural ingredients in the Almighty Cleanse help to alleviate occasional constipation and enhance the body’s natural cleansing process The Almighty Cleanse dual action formula claims to be backed by science and provides all the health benefits of cleansing the colon, as well as supporting the digestive system function. The inventor of this product, Danny Vierra, runs a successful health food store, and travels around the country lecturing at various places about health issues.


Super Cleanse: Made by Nature’s Secret, Super Cleanse is one of the best colon cleansers and has traditional herbs, which have been in use for centuries by various cultures around the world. Super Cleanse claims to have specific “harmonizing” herbs to increase absorption. The naturopath, Lindsey Duncan, designed the formula. The tablets have an aqueous coating to ensure the rapid release of the ingredients they contain.