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03 Jun 11 Biotechnology is a real Revolution: video

This interesting video shows the progress and the support that Biotechnology gave to science and health in the last 50 years:

27 May 11 How biotechnology works in our daily lives?

An interesting video offering a simple but effective overview of how biotechnology works and how it affects our daily live

18 May 11 Biotechnology and colonoscopy research

Based on a recent news on the “The New Economy”, a Belgian Biotechnology firm and a Danish Biotechnology company called Exiqon  are developing a new type of blood tests to detect colon cancer. A colon cleanse is a relative cheap process of cleaning the colon of its built-up fecal matter. According to many sources, most people may have from 5 to as much as 40 lbs of fecal matter residue in their colon. Much of this is probably compacted matter, putrefied proteins, rancid fats, and fermented carbohydrates. According to some recent studies, if this accumulation is not eliminated, it can lead to such chronic problems as constipation, bloating, body odor, bad breath, back ache, weight problems, a weak immune system and even, in the ultimate stage, bowel cancer.

There are ways to cleanse the colon in a natural way. One of the natural colon cleansing methods is to change ones diet. Adding larger portions of fresh fruit and steamed vegetables, fiber-rich cereals and bran, can help to eliminate the compacted fecal matter. There are also herbal remedies that claim to achieve natural colon cleansing and reduce the high costs of a colonoscopy. Most of these herbs contain psyllium husk. The husk swells in its passage through the colono when it comes into contact with water, and hence pushes the compacted matter out and emptying the bowel. Will be the Biotechnology the new science that can help to reduce colon cancer problem and colon test costs? Let’s see what will happen !

04 Mar 10 Medical Supplies for the Elderly

There are many older Americans that plan to stay in their homes past retirement. They often plan to the age of retirement as this causes concerns. The physical and mental stages of their life goes away as they get older, and they may experience some issues. This all has to do with physical and mobility issues, making them a good candidate to fall and other serious problems. The older Americans are at high risk to fall in bathrooms or down some stairs, which put them at a greater risk. Without the need of a caregiver, the older adults plan to stay in their homes forever.

If they find themselves wheelchair bound, most standard doorways or hallways cannot fit them. Most wheelchair users are often limited when it comes time to use the stairs and the bathroom areas. You can make this easier to live in, and you can make this home a safer place. We offer equipment that makes this a place where you could live there for the rest of your life. This makes your life easier to deal with, and these tools offer support to you. Grab bars, raised toilet seats, and bedside grab bars, make living in your home a dream come true. Since their health allows it, many older Americans stay in their homes. This can make your life easier and simpler when you have added support. This will give your family a piece of mind when you use this equipment.

This alarm signals family members if the patient falls and needs help getting up. This is a fall prevention alarm, and this alarm leads normally strong and balance people, that want to live a normal life. With this alarm the patient thinks that there is help when a person needs the help. Simple tasks such as walking or bathing, can cause people to slip or fall. You need to add floor mats and mounted hand rails to get the protection that you need. This is why you need to add these medical supplies for the elderly, and give the gift that your loved ones will never forget. We want to be your shop for all your medical needs because we know how important it is to you of supplying these products at a low cost.