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03 May 07 When I tried a protein product including whey isolate…

Last year I woke up in the morning and shut: I want to lose weight! So, I went to a specific shop and bought a generic product containing whey protein isolate Powder. My goal was to loose five pounds in two weeks time.  This powder is fat free, cholestrol free, and lactose free and contains the best amino acid profile. It comes in both flavored and unflavored taste with the exception that the flavored  does contain a small amount of sweetners.  The best part about it is that you can choose what flavor you would like to add and I  chose a strawberry flavor.

The shop assistant told me that some of the benefits for this powder include not only losing weight but also build of muscle mass, maximizes protein synthesis, minimizies muscle tissue breakdown and improves glycogen replenishment and nitrogen retention.  He also suggested me to buy another product containing whey isolate a called Whey Protein Isolate Cold Filtration which comes in the form of a supplement. This product contain whey isolate and separates protein in the form of micro filtering. The filters allow the protein to be removed from the unwanted fat and is lactose and fat free. This product is high in bioactive whey protein including lactoferin, immunoglobulin and glycomacropeptides. This is for people like me who do not like the taste of powders and prefer the form of supplements.

These are just some of the few whey protein isolate products that are good for losing weight and building muscle mass. They come in forms of supplements and powders. If you do not perfer drinking powders, then you may want to consider the supplements, although the powders do come in great tasting flavors, they are not for everyone. Do you want to know the end of my story? Yes, I lost 6 pounds in 12 days and now I am ready to go to the beach 😉