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07 Aug 12 – Biotechnology & Bioengineering

International Organisation for Biotechnology and Bioengineering IOBB.


It organizes activities to encourage exchange of experiences and encourages partnerships between IOBB members and other organizations to develop and implement projects. IOBB is not a funding agency.

The objective of IOBB is to foster the advancement and exploitation of biotechnology and bioengineering for the benefit of mankind through:

– enhancing interactions between laboratories, institutes, commercial enterprises and individuals working in the area of plant, mammalian and microbial cell cultivation and processing throughout the world and especially in the developing countries;

– fostering the development in the use of biological materials for industrial purposes and the preservation of the ecological environment;

– fostering training courses, fellowships and cooperative research programmes amongst its members, in particular between members from the developed and developing countries;

– arranging meetings, symposia, and seminars to ensure the dissemination of new or pertinent knowledge in the above fields;

– organising international training programmes for scientists, technologists and engineers of all nations interested in the application of biological materials for commercial use and the preservation of our environment;

– close cooperation with UNESCO, MIRCENs, WFCC, UNEP, UNIDO, UNU, COBIOTECH and other international and national organisations in the above field;

– maintaining Committees as may be appropriate for international cooperation and agreement

– development of a network of news, communication, and

– maintaining a regular Newsletter with contributions from the Executive, Committees and Members.


18 May 11 Biotechnology and colonoscopy research

Based on a recent news on the “The New Economy”, a Belgian Biotechnology firm and a Danish Biotechnology company called Exiqon  are developing a new type of blood tests to detect colon cancer. A colon cleanse is a relative cheap process of cleaning the colon of its built-up fecal matter. According to many sources, most people may have from 5 to as much as 40 lbs of fecal matter residue in their colon. Much of this is probably compacted matter, putrefied proteins, rancid fats, and fermented carbohydrates. According to some recent studies, if this accumulation is not eliminated, it can lead to such chronic problems as constipation, bloating, body odor, bad breath, back ache, weight problems, a weak immune system and even, in the ultimate stage, bowel cancer.

There are ways to cleanse the colon in a natural way. One of the natural colon cleansing methods is to change ones diet. Adding larger portions of fresh fruit and steamed vegetables, fiber-rich cereals and bran, can help to eliminate the compacted fecal matter. There are also herbal remedies that claim to achieve natural colon cleansing and reduce the high costs of a colonoscopy. Most of these herbs contain psyllium husk. The husk swells in its passage through the colono when it comes into contact with water, and hence pushes the compacted matter out and emptying the bowel. Will be the Biotechnology the new science that can help to reduce colon cancer problem and colon test costs? Let’s see what will happen !

03 Jan 11 Bioengineering News by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Chicago provides a wide range of cosmetic surgery services, which includes plastic surgery, skin procedures, etc. Cosmetic surgery consists of various factors, and in Chicago, all the details related to the surgery are treated with equal importance.

For a general view, here are a few of the cosmatic surgery services offered in Chicago:

  • Anti-Aging Procedures
  • Skin Care Procedure
  • Patient Education

Apart from Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas many other places like Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Houston, St Louis, Orange county also have a wide range of advanced technologies and treatments in csmetic surgery.

Some of the plastic surgery procedures carried out in Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Houston, St Louis and Orange county are as follows:

  • Liposuction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Facelift

The American Board of Plastic Surgery specializes in dealing with the scars resulting from fireworks.

The number of people undergoing plastic surgery is increasing rapidly, with a corresponding increase in the types of procedures and techniques involved, like botox, facelift, tummy tuck, etc. However, this has also resulted in an increase in marketing various cosmetic surgery procedures through the media, advertisements, the Internet and the like, making it very difficult for prospective patients to distinguish between hype and facts.

Before going in for any procedure, people should get all the current and accurate information, which will help them to differentiate between the promises and the pitfalls. Many websites also deal with the various controversial aspects of cosetic surgery. The aim is to have a realistic and balanced view about it before opting for any procedure.

15 Oct 10 Get strong and toned abs in a very short time

I am really happy with my flex belt! It helped me get strong, toned abs quicker than I ever could on my own or with any other equipment. I have only been using the flex belt for 60 days and I am already more toned, stronger and thinner than I have ever been. For me, having a tight core is a must. I had tried everything from diets, weightlifting, even yoga! Nothing has worked as well as my flex belt. This contour abs belt has toned me in a way nothing ever has before. I am a work –a-holic and have trouble getting to the gym every day. Having something easy that I can do at home to better tone my stomach has been a life saver. It allows me to get all my other household tasks done, all while toning my stomach.

I can dust, vacuum and fold laundry all while working out and getting contour abs!
The flex belt is like doing electronic sit ups. Traditional sit ups are such a pain to do. You not only have to find the time but a place to do them as well. The flex belt is the perfect solution. It takes no time to use it since you can multi-task and do other chores while getting a great abs work out at the same time. This means no more excess fat or ‘jiggly’ parts around your mid section. With this ingenious abs toner, you simply put it around your waist and let it do the work for you.

It flexes away all that excess weight leaving you the time to do other things without interfering with your workout. You can get Britney Spears’ abs without all the work!
The flex belt is FDA cleared for toning and strengthening your abdominal region and has medical grade toning technology for men and women. With the flex belt you can feel results in as little as 4 weeks! If you use your flex belt daily you should see results in 4 to 8 weeks. Using it regularly, once a week, after that can help maintain results. The flex belt retails for $199, which took me aback a little at first. But once I calculated how much I would be saving on gym fees, gas to and from the gym, not to mention putting a price on my free time I realized what a deal I was really getting. Being free from gyms and working out truly is priceless.