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23 Oct 15 IOBBNET – Whatsapp Group

To encourage activities and exchange of experiences  between IOBB and its members and other organizations, IOBBNET is creating a new whatsapp group finalized to increase mobile connectivity and communication.

This new IOBBNET Whatsapp group will promote the interactions between mobile users working in laboratories, institutes, commercial enterprises and individuals. Through the whatsapp group it will be possible to organize private or public events, courses, fellowships and cooperative research programmes amongst its members of all nations interested in the application of biological materials for commercial use and the preservation of our environment.

To join the IOBBNET Whatsapp group send a request to the follow e-mail addressWhatsappgroup [@] Iobbnet . org (remove empty space) – with your name, email address, company and mobile phone number.  If your profile is accepted you will receive a further email with the mobile phone number and all the details to join the our Whatsapp group.

Whatsapp is a free and open cross-platform messaging app which enable you to chat and interact without having to pay for SMS.  If don’t have a smartphone or a mobile phone compatible with iOS or Android (e.g. iPhone or Samsung) please read this tutorial or download whatsapp for Windows or Mac.

For any other query about joining or canceling your subscription from our group please write to Whatsappgroup [@] Iobbnet . org .

Thank you.

21 Jun 13 New Technologies for Cars starting from 2014

Based on recent discoveries, nanotechnologies will have an important impact in the 2014 car and automotive industry.
Products include not only special coating for windshield (for safety increasing) but also exterior parts like rims, chrome surfaces and protection for car body.

Cars of 2014 could also offer, a safer driving thanks to a new tyre concept (created by Yokohama) which use an innovative compound to help grip the road.
But the most promising research, which is expected to hit the automotive market in 2014, could use nanotechnology towards cheaper fuel cells for electric cars.
Indeed electric cars are the future, and companies like Chrysler, Lexus , Peugeot , Toyota and Renault in 2014 could start using this technologies to improve efficiency and fuel consumption.



06 Apr 11 Dispensers for different viscosities

In today’s market, you will be able to easily find several different types of adhesive dispensing systems. What make each one of these systems its very own are the various of shapes and sizes they all come available in. Even though, their appearance may very well be different, they all share the same purpose in common and that is to dispense different types of adhesives. With that said, within the systems will include equipments’ like syringes, pumps, dispensing guns and polyurethane equipment. When looking for a reliable distributor of the listed equipments, one of the leading suppliers to strongly consider is Reason being, it has a bad habit of supplying high quality dispensing equipment and fluid handling for liquids of every consistency to any contractor and manufacturer.

There are a lot of equipments available, in particular the popular epoxy adhesive dispenser metering pump which is used to control and change the pressure of ejection of epoxy from the nozzle. By the popular epoxy being one of the favorites among adhesive materials, it is heavily used within nearly every industry. Its versatility is what makes it so effective when it comes to filling adhesives in splits and cracks of any of the industrial products. Another plus is that by the inlet and outlet pressures being able to be equalized, it gives the pumps the ability to dissolve fluids of every viscosity, and the adhesive is able to be used without wastage. When it comes down to purchasing the epoxy adhesive dispenser, its flexibility of use should definitely be determined before sticking with that decision to buy it.

There are a lot of dispensing systems for controlled applications of epoxies, gels, primers, paints, liquid, lubricants, liquids, greases, sealants, gels and pastes. All of these fluids are able to be applied without causing waste, mess or inconsistency. As for the thick pastes, they are more than easy to dispense without the need to strain and that helps by allowing the hands to escape fatigue. A glue dispenser or any timer dispenser will help by reducing the overall amount of adhesive that is used by steadily applying a repeatable deposit every time. This also helps with the reducing of assembly time because it simply takes the guesswork out of the equation. When it comes to shopping for dispensers, you will have a choice between non timed manual dispensers, positive displacement systems and digital timed.

24 Aug 10 How to ensure a lifelong recovery from drug addiction

Being addicted to any kind of drug is painful both physically and mentally. There are  however, steps and a particular process that leads to a drug rehab recovery but whatever step you take toward recovering will not be easy but it can be done with determination and support.

First of all, you must admit that you need to change your ways and get off the drug. This first step is the most difficult but once you make it, you will be on your way toward healthier and drug-free life. Being addicted to drugs can make a person feel down but with some guidance and help, you can feel renewed and hopeful.

Second, seek help from a trusted friend or family member or help from a drug rehab center. A drug rehab center can not only help you get off the drugs but also advise you on how to stay drug-free. They have the counselors and support system you need to successfully get off drugs.

Third, while going through the recovery process , seek and maintain, support from friends and family, and if needed, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment. With this kind of support, you will learn how to deal with emotions such as grief, sadness, negativity and depression—and deal with theses emotions without the help of drugs. To help you get through the recovery process you may want to keep a journal of your feelings, try some relaxation exercises and communicate honestly with those around you. In addition, it is important to sustain a support system of people who place a high value on staying sober and drug-free.

Fourth, make up a relapse prevention plan. Write down what triggers your need for drugs such as certain people, events or places and then plan on how you will deal with these events when they happen. Keep your life on an even keel with medical care, recreation and exercise. By doing this you will be giving your body and mind a normal and routine environment and you will experience a calmness and solidarity that will help you stay from drugs. This is a very important step for a successful drug rehab.

Fifth, if you have a relapse, don’t take it hard. Recovery, no matter if it’s from drug abuse, alcohol abuse or an addiction to gambling–recovery takes time and patience. If you have a relapse, understand that you had a moment of weakness. Learn from it and then get right back into recovery! Most importantly, stay away from people or places where you are more prone to go back to drugs. Remember, you deserve a healthy and drug-free life!