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02 Mar 07 Targeted mailing lists: an email marketing basic tool

NextMark has a free tool that is available online to find relevant mailing lists for marketing campaigns.

Various web sites assist a web user in finding the contact information of a person by entering his/her phone number. The U.S. Census Bureau’s American FactFinder is one such website that searches for a person’s address based on his or her name and country. ‘Yahoo! People Search’ is another of these search web sites that facilitate searching for the contact address by filling the phone number, first name, last name and state. Giving the email ID of a person can also help in an address search.

Google maintains an excellent database of sites of public records sources, which contains the listings of residential and business entries. ‘WhoWhere’ provides an interactive name and address search of a person by entering the phone number. It also allows the user to add his/her own listing. Another such search site is ‘Infobel’, which contains the listings of international addresses, and the business records of most countries. These records are present in multiple languages.

Email Address Search: Several search companies offer various levels of background checks by generating reports according to requests. The search web sites’ detailed reports contain information regarding the address history, professional licenses, email addresses, and residential and mobile phone lookups.

InfoPursuit provides people locator services for web users who want to trace the email address of the sender of a mail, or who want to conduct an email address search to find old friends or relatives. This company also offers services to users who want relevant information associated with a chat or instant message (IM) name. is another good email address finder of people. This, however, restricts its search to persons living in the United States.

Reverse Address Search: Reverse address search refers to locating a person based on his/her postal address. Web users can enter the complete or partial postal address to search for reverse address search of a person. Search websites use nationwide residential white page listings and real estate records, in various jurisdictions in the U.S., to conduct reverse address search.

Free Online Address Search: The Internet is full of websites and information portals that can perform free online searches. Web users can request for an address search by entering the specified search criteria. Websites ask a user to fill up either the name, phone number or email address, so that it can match these entries with the data available with the public records sources. The successful matching of the entries with the available data in the database is used to generate the address of the person. All for free.

Free online search engines are intelligently designed to search for a public record of a person or an address. Earlier, it used to be very difficult to find a person or his/her contact information. People had to visit government offices several times in order to get the information. The Internet has made it convenient for users to obtain information like the address, phone number and email ID of anyone by merely conducting a search. Although all public records kept by the government are not available online, there is enough data on hand to conduct searches successfully.